In today's global business environment, it's easy to become a commodity. Every day, competitors come along to take away your customers by undercutting prices at every turn!

But for the customer, it's not just a pricing issue - service and convenience are significant factors. That's what leads to customer retention and referral. By offering better service, you can actually grow your customer base in the face of fierce competition. And today's consumers demand convenience. This is where HMC Solutions can help. We provide you affordable, automated solutions to simplify daily operations and enhance customer service and convenience. Take a look at what we can do to help you achieve increased profit margin and improved customer loyalty.

HMC Solutions develops and manufactures affordable automated systems for storage and retrieval, order assembly, sorting and other applications. We leverage our experience and expertise in engineering, automation and software development to design and produce innovative solutions. Our patented systems can be found in operation throughout the U.S., Canada and other parts of the world.

Our Fetch! and ADAC systems, featured on the following pages, provide insight to some of our innovative capabilities.